By Steve Arthur, Vice President

I attended Congressman Jim Morans (D-VA) town hall meeting on health care last night along with 2500-3000 other constituents. As with many other town hall meetings this summer, it was a somewhat raucous affair. However, I noticed an interesting dynamic outside while waiting in line (on line for you Northeasterners) for the meeting that could be a potentially ominous sign for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia Creigh Deeds this November.

Several of the people near me in line were there because they were on one of President Obamas political organizations e-mail lists. They seemed very committed to supporting the Presidents efforts to pass health care, but when a Deeds campaign person walked down the line to get people to sign up to help his campaign or be added to their mailing list, the response was surprising. Within earshot, two people had to ask who Creigh Deeds was and what he was running for and then declined to provide any information. Another person who was happy to go on camera to talk about the importance of the Presidents health reform agenda told the Deeds volunteer that she hadn’t made up her mind for whom she was going to vote. All three of these people were politically active enough to be on President Obamas mailing list and turn out for health care, but were uninterested in the Deeds campaign.

If the Deeds campaign is actually having trouble motivating this group of Obama supporters (unless they were just outliers), his race against Bob McDonnell in November could be very difficult.

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