By Stateside Associates

ICMA will hold its Annual Conference September 13-16 in Montreal, Canada. There will be offerings from ICMA University, and roundtable discussions about trends in local government, the local effect of changes to the Clean Water Act, outsourcing locally and globally, recruiting international business to your community, city-school partnerships and employee assistance programs. Educational sessions will be held on such topics as management and local government services in a weaker economy, workforce issues and performance management. Keynote presenters at the conference include:

  • Dr. David Suzuki, an environmentalist and broadcaster, who will speak about sustainable development.
  • Dr. Alice Rivlin, Senior Fellow in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution, who will examine the national economic outlook as it plays out at the local level.
  • Linda Duxbury, a workplace health expert, who will discuss how managers can help their employees achieve a meaningful balance between their work and personal lives.

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