Federal Health Care Reform isn’t the only thing going on … This Week in Health Care

While most eyes are on Congress, health care reform is proceeding apace at the state level. Our eyes are focused squarely on the states. In the insurance arena, states are looking at a number of reforms, including the development their own public options. States are also continuing to grapple with shortfalls in revenue and budget gaps that are frequently attributable to Medicaid spending. For those states out of session, interim committees and regulatory agencies are currently looking at a variety of cost containment and procurement options as they consider the grim revenue projections for next year.

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates is providing a round-up of state health care related actions and events occurring during the following week. This Week in Health Care features legislative, regulatory agency and national policy group activities covering a wide scope of policy areas including pharmacy, medical assistance, health plan and provider specific developments.

The current issue of This Week in Health Care is available online at http://www.stateside.com/this-week-in-health-care.php, and is also available via email by contacting Robert Holden at rah@stateside.com.

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