Stateside Associates Introduces Election Web Pages

October 6, 2009, The Web – Stateside Associates further enhanced its already robust government relations website with the addition of its Election Pages.

Two new pages have been added to the Stateside Associates website at Covering both states’ Ballot Measures and Referenda up for consideration in 2009 as well as State Level Election Information for the upcoming 2010 election year, these pages provide a state-by-state look at the measures and politicians that are up for election.

A sampling of the Ballot Measures page includes a list of five states and the District of Columbia that are attempting to pass legislation for various measures, including measures related to vehicle excise taxes, property taxes and preserving open space. Each open ballot listed shows the measure title and/or number and the specific measure summary or text. There will also be tracking employed for the voting results on each measure. Employing this detailed perspective to the open ballots for each state allows for more educated voting and a collective view of the state legislation.

The State Election Pages lists the offices for governor and attorney general that are up for election in the coming year, as well as a look at the upcoming state legislative races. Giving a pre-season image of the seats up for election in each state enhances the view of each state’s legislature and provides a state-by-state perspective for each political party.

About Stateside Associates

Stateside Associates is the largest state and local government affairs firm. Since 1988, the Stateside team has worked across the 50 states and in many local governments on behalf of dozens of companies, trade associations and government and non-profit clients. Long regarded as the industry leader in State and Local Government Affairs, Stateside Associates helps its clients recognize more success from their programs by contributing experience, nationwide relationships and well-honed skills as issue managers.

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