By Constance Campanella, President and CEO

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.”

– Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Finding the right lobbyist and managing him or her effectively are key skills that separate winners from losers. Either your lobbyist is as good or better than you are OR you are spending a lot of time filling in the gaps. So, why not work with the best?

One of our services at Stateside Associates is making qualified referrals of state and local government lobbyists to clients. Because we are not brokers, we keep an open mind about available talent and are always interested in getting to know new, effective lobbyists.

Sometimes, clients will ask us to check out (in confidence) a lobbyist or firm they have otherwise identified as a possible hire. Naturally, our research involves all the public sources such as ethics compliance records, web searches, social networking sites and even videos on YouTube. But, we also talk to people in state to learn what the public sources may not reveal.

In addition to Governors’ staff, state legislators, state trade associations and legislative staff (never mentioning the client, of course), one source that is always worthwhile is other lobbyists. Competitive sniping aside, I often hear things that no other source can or will share and I definitely investigate.

For your entertainment — and enlightenment — here are:

Eight Things State Lobbyists Say About Other State Lobbyists:

8. He’s a really nice guy

7. Where did you get that name from?

6. She plays “the skirt.” (usually a woman lobbyist commenting on another woman lobbyist)

5. Is he new?

4. Have you done an internet search on her?

3. She’s not a “walk the halls” lobbyist; she’s a dilettante

2. He was very close to the last Governor

1. Is he still lobbying?

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