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February 17, 2011

By Constance Campanella, President and CEO

That’s right. Never.

All you have to do is answer all the following questions TRUE and you are home free!


1. I am intimately familiar with the legislative process in all states and localities for which I am responsible.

2. I enjoy close, professional relationships with all elected and executive branch officials who may have a part in legislative or regulatory decisions regarding my organization.

3. I am HAPPY to spend 30%- 40%-50% or more of my working days flying to State Capitals – especially during January, February and March in order to participate in 8am committee hearings.

4. I am able to invest the time and intellectual capital necessary to research the history of my issue – or what lead up to it being my issue – in all states for which I am responsible.

5. I know the lobbyist rules in all states for which I’m responsible and know when I need to register, especially in those states where registration is required for a single letter, phone call or meeting. I’ll fill out those forms while on an airplane!

6. I am unconcerned to know that while I am flying to the next state, my opponents (with their expensive, in-state lobbyist) will be undoing everything I accomplished that day.

7. I need nothing but a cup of coffee and 2 hours of sleep in order to be ready to defend my organization in front of the next committee, the next Attorney General or the next Governor.

8. I enjoy that permanent “new kid in school” feeling when I walk the halls of state capitols and recognize no one – and vice versa.

9. I know for a fact that the adage, “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know,” is SOOOO last century.

10. I can write a killer letter outlining my organization’s concerns with any bill or regulation (from the comfort of my office in Washington, D.C.) and know that the wisdom in my letter will overcome all those silly, petty, local , trivial predilections – every time.

11. I know the names of all college sports teams and can whip them out in a flash to demonstrate my “homeboy” bonafides. Legislators love that stuff.

12. I met the Governor at an NGA meeting and can use that meeting to swing open all the necessary doors.

If you did answer TRUE to all of the above, you are correct. You do not need a lobbyist.

You may need other professional assistance, though.


Stateside Associates is a professional government affairs firm that provides qualified referrals to lobbyists in all states and localities nationwide. All clients of the firm receive lobbyist referrals at no charge. No brokerage fees or commissions are required or accepted.