UPDATE: NCSL Legislative Summit Agenda

By Michael Behm, Senior Vice President

The 2011 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit is scheduled for August 8-11 in San Antonio, Texas. It will be the largest attended public officials meeting of the summer. NCSL has released a preliminary agenda for its Legislative Summit meeting. Stateside Associates’ Stefani Millie and Michael Behm will be in attendance.

The agenda includes all of the scheduled plenary sessions, over 100 policy sessions, Executive Committee Task Forces and most of the hospitality events being held during the Summit. All 12 of NCSL’s Standing Policy Committees will also meet during the Summit, but not all of those individual agendas are yet reflected on this agenda. Those will follow.

Most of the NCSL Executive Committee Task Forces and Foundation Partnerships will meet on Monday, August 8 during the “pre-conference,” along with NCSL’s Executive Committee, Policy Steering Committee, Budget Committee and NCSL’s Foundation for State Legislatures Board of Directors. Many of the Standing Policy Committees are now also scheduled to begin meeting Monday afternoon. A reception for the President Elect, Kansas Senate President Steve Morris (R), will be held that evening (it is an invitation only event).

The Summit officially begins August 9 with the Opening General Session. Standing Policy Committees will continue to meet all day Tuesday and will host Committee luncheons. The NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures Reception, hosted by Massachusetts Senator Dick Moore (D) is scheduled for the evening of August 9, followed by NCSL’s Welcome Reception in Old San Antonio.

Governor Rick Perry opens the Summit Wednesday morning, August 10 at the General Session. The Exhibit Hall luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday and most of the policy sessions and issue forums are also held this day. A special tour of the Alamo and the States’ Night are also scheduled for the evening of August 10.

Thursday, August 11 is the final day of the Summit and includes the remaining policy sessions, the third General Session and NCSL’s Business Meeting at which all NCSL policy resolutions are approved. Both RLCC and DLCC have scheduled their respective luncheons for August 11. The Summit ends with the Closing Reception at the Texas Dancehall Revue.

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